Our Services

We’ve been in the Midlands since 2005. We work with professional connections accountants and solicitors in Leamington and Warwick. This professional approach helps all parties to give our clients a rounded service. We cover all areas of financial planning including:

Pensions and retirement planning

Inheritance Tax and passing wealth down the generations.

Investments including ISA’s and other tax efficient options.

Shareholder protection and personal protection.


This is a light touch service offering an excellent introduction to financial management for those clients with existing pensions and investments that are typically under £100,000. We match your attitude to investment risk to one of 5 risk rated portfolios. Portfolios are either passive or active and we try to obtain the most cost effective solution available. You will have access to your account online and will be sent an annual valuation and performance report. You will have access to an adviser but you may incur further costs at that time. The adviser will outline any other costs depending on the advice required. If your investments exceed £100,000, due to new investments or growth you will be invited to join the DPFA Wealth Service. If you have less than £100,000 you may still opt for DPFA Wealth, subject to minimum fees.  Our ongoing fee for DPFA Lite is 0.75% of the investments held. So if you invested £50,000 through DPFA Lite our fee would be £375 pa.

DPFA Wealth

This is our most popular service which caters for clients with pensions and investments in excess of £100,000 that want regular contact and advice from one of our qualified advisers. This service offers a range of investment solutions that can match your specific requirements whether you are in the growth phase and building your investments towards retirement, or are starting to take income from your investments when you have reached retirement. Your adviser will ascertain your risk profile and will recommend a style of investing that’s compatible with your requirements. It will include regular reviews of the portfolio, regular newsletters and at least one annual meeting with your adviser (depending on the size of portfolio). The DPFA fee for managing this proposition is 1% pa up to £300,000. If you exceed £500,000 at a review date you will be invited to join DPFA Private Client and benefit from the additional services and reduction in ongoing fees. Benefiting from Family Linking can also increase your assets above £500,000 which will also see an invite to Private Client. (see below Family Linking)

For an example of fees if we managed £300,000 on your behalf the annual fee would be £3,000.00 and can be deducted from your investment or payable by standing order or direct debit.

DPFA Private Client

This is our Premier level service and is for clients with excess of  £500,000 to invest in pensions and investments. You will get quarterly reviews, regular newsletters and market commentary and invites to Private Client events. As a Private Client you have the whole range of investment solutions available to you including Discretionary and a variety of tax planning ideas and options

The ongoing MPA fees are as follows:

£300,000 – £750,000          0.75% pa

£750,001 – £3,000,000       0.50% pa

£3M +                                     on request

If you are in Flexi Access Drawdown, or we are using a DFM, or we are managing funds from a Defined Benefit Pension Transfer, the ongoing fee on these plans will be 0.50% pa.

DPFA Private Client Plus

For clients who have over £1m invested with us we offer the Private Client Plus service where they or their family will not pay any further initial charges and fees to DPFA for further investments (excluding Final Salary (DB) Transfer fees). Ongoing fees will still be payable.

Flexi Access Drawdown

Where a client is using a type of income drawdown to generate income in retirement the ongoing fee will be 0.5% of the assets we hold in the drawdown plan

Discretionary Fund Management

This service is for those clients that wish to appoint a specialist portfolio manager to manage their investments on a discretionary basis. This allows the portfolio manager to buy and sell investments when they see fit, in line with the agreed investment and risk strategy, to maximise returns. They may be able to recommend direct equity investments, structured products and other complex investments that we are not authorised to invest in. DPFA run a panel of Discretionary Fund Managers that we review constantly so that they are managing funds in line with expectations. We perform a huge amount of due diligence on the firms and their managers so that they meet DPFA’s high standards of service. DPFA’s ongoing fee for this service is 0.50% pa.

Family Linking

We can add the value of family members investments to your own when calculating our initial and ongoing fees. They may therefore benefit from a discount, especially on ongoing fees or for Private Client Plus clients. The details of the family members investments will obviously be confidential to them.

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